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Cuttack - the city which has tourism trade and taste all at once.

Cuttack , the former capital of Odisha is a  major commercial and trade center. Just 25kms away from Bhubaneswar it is also a popular tourist destination. It’s history of 1000 years lives through mainly its culture and festivals. This city has equal acceptance for many religions like Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhist and many more. That is the reason it is called “the city of brotherhood” .  The festivals of all religions are celebrated with all glory, keeping the city vibrant all through the year. Ages old temples, mosques, churches, gurdwara’s are found here.  This city is the birth place of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and his home turned museum is the main attraction of Cuttacktours.

Deer Park, Chandi Mandir, Maritime museum, Old Jail complex, Lalbagh Palace, Barabati fort are some of the places to visit in Cuttack. Mahanadi river also offers some recreational tourism like motor boating and water cruise. Some of the best street foods can be tasted in the recipe of Cuttack. A huge commercial center like Cuttack has a lot of stuffs like Sambalpuri sari, silver and imitation jewelry, stone carvings, folk paintings and real local spices of Odisha.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Konark Tourism

If you are planning to visit Odisha, then you must not forget to drop round to see Konark Sun Temple. The 100 feet  temple on the coastal line of Odisha has been stamped as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The ruins of this temple which do not fail to show the details of carving and sculpting are inculpable. 1200 workers chiseled the stones to give it the form of a majestic CHARIOT with 24 wheels and 7 horses.

Konark tourism is an integral part of all other tourist places in Odisha. The view of the temple from the  dancing podium near the temple is also a major attraction. The Sun temple museum is  very near to the temple premises and the cleanest beach of Asia , Chandrabhaga beach, which is just 3km away are some places to visit in Konark. To know more about the history of this temple one can also watch the light and sound shows at the  evening. The temple premises has some beautiful lawns and flower gardens that enhance the aura of the place.

Konark is a good destination to shop local handicrafts items, enjoy sea food, go for a boating  on the river which merges with the sea, try some  water sports and watch the amazing sunsets on the beach. For more details regarding travel, hotels and vehicles contact Mr Shakti Das-9338382999 or visit


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Odisha Vacations Services

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Friday, 16 August 2019

Gahira Matha And Bhitarakanika Wildlife Sanctuary

The only marine wildlife sanctuary  of Odihsa and the crocodile reserve of Odisha co exits in the district of Kendrapada. Gahiramatha beach is the home for olive ridley turtles  who every year migrate here to lay their eggs and welcome their next generation.  This soothing beach with its innocent little sea creatures  is a different world  and it parts the Bay of Bengal from the mangroves  and wild forest of the Bhitarakanika National Park.

Bhitarakanika  is the  home of ferocious and humongous salt water crocodiles whose length vary from  5 mt to 7 mt. This wildness and adventure  makes it one of the most visited places in Odisha.  Boat rides are available through the creek and streams among the dense mangroves and grasses of Indigo bush. A large variety of animal species like sambar deer, spotted deer, fox, hyena, jackals, king cobra and 8 varieties of Kingfishers can be   spotted here. While  sailing through the streams you may come across some of the ancient temples  inside this National park.

To avail a trip to this wildly beautiful ecosystem mail us at  for the itinerary. Call us at 9338382999 to book your tickets, cabs, hotels and discuss about the more places that you can visit while your trip to Odisha.

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Beach Tour In Odisha

Sea and ocean are perhaps the most amazing creation of nature. The sea has the power to wash away all your worries within minutes.  Hence beach is the best place to go again and again. Beaches have been a very integral part of Odisha Tourism. With some of the most alluring beaches of India , a trip to Odisha will always be incomplete without beach.
Next to the most visited place ,i.e ,The Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri  is the Golden Sands Beach. It is named so because of its sand colour. It is beach with full of energy and activities. Good sea food and great shopping center on the beach itself.

Near to the Sun Temple of Konark is the Chandrabhaga Beach with explosive waves for surfing boat riding and jet skiing. It is adored for  being one of the cleanest beach of Asia.
Gahiramatha beach is the partition between the Bhitarakanika crocodile reserve (mangrove forest) and Bay of Bengal. This beach is the nesting ground of Olive Ridley Turtles.
Gopalpur beach is a water sport center is widely known for its beach festival. Talasari beach is the most beautiful possession of Odisha which is a real scenic beauty and less crowded. Red crabs , palm trees , hills and paddy fields are its specialty.

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Monday, 12 August 2019


 Odisha has been a land of multi cultural values and virtues. The equal acceptance towards all religion has gifted Odisha with large cultural, heritable riches which makes it a place of exploration. Buddhism is embedded in many places of Odisha like, Jajpur, Cuttack, Sambalpur, Phulbani, Bhubaneswar etc.  But the major places are the hills of Puspagiri which are a collection of three hills- Lalitgiri, Udaigiri, Ratnagiri popularly known as the “Diamond triangle” of Buddhism in Odisha .
The archeological department was able to trace the remnants and ruins belonging to Buddhist culture and tradition in the womb of these hills. A large number of statues were excavated. The sculptures included the face of Buddha, large and small, Buddha in different positions of meditation.  Some extremely impressive stupas were dug out and along with them a large number of votive stupas. Relics in form of caskets, images with inscriptions, objects of use were some of many things that were excavated. Many monasteries were dug out which were  found to be really complex as per there time. Two storey buildings, with compound walls and floorings, courtyards, apsidal shrines, prayer hall, podiums of mediations can leave you startled and nostaligic.

Dhauligiri is another such place, called as the “Peace Pagoda” which was an important center for Buddhist learning and is a frequently visited tourist spot of Odisha. So book your Buddhist tour of Odisha at  or call us at 9338382999.
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Best tourist places to visit near cuttack odisha

 The millennium city Cuttack (once referred KATAKA - means fort)  has derived its name from the   “ BARABATI FORT” . The judicial capital of Odisha  is also the trade capital. It is known for its silver filigree work.  Fenced by two rivers the city of brotherhood has many tourist destinations. 

DEER PARK- A beautiful park to reconnect with wildlife in between the jungle of concrete.

BARABATI FORT -  The structure in which the very emotion of the  of the city thrives and which reflects the glorious history  of the city.

NETAJI BIRTH PLACE – Converted into museum it showcases the belongings of Netaji and importantly the letters written to him by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

MARITIME  STATE MUSUEM –Cuttack used to the place from where Odias used to set their voyages. So  this museum preserves and presents the rich maritime practices and history  of the state . With 10 galleries its showcases the artifacts, instruments and displays traditional methods of navigation  and also contains an aquarium. 

CUTTACK CHANDI TEMPLE – A very pristine temple which is famous in whole of odisha is a  frequently visited place.

One can also enjoy the recreational parks , boating in Mahanadi river and the famous Aloo Dum Dahibara.  You may be glad to know that Cuttack is a great place for shopping  at reasonable expenditure and a mega and delicious food center . Know more details  at
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